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Ragnarok Online

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1 Punizher Ragnarok Online
New Server! Good and Friendly Community! Everyday Events! Custom Items! Easy to get good items! Join us and be part of us! /
6 7
2 Bankai-RO
Bankai-RO is a server deprived in Spanish with big GM's and a community in continuous growth, join us... The alone Staff wants a great Game you, always loyalist and to spend the possible better thing....
3 8
3 LibertyRO
New server 500/500/20 maxlevel 255/70 max stat 255 NEW PLAYERS WILL RECIEVE DONATE ITEM AS GIFT
2 18
4 RevelationRO
New high rate server - Fast leveling - Lots of party quests - Lots of custom items and pets - Great community!! Max lvl 255/120!
0 2